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Sysview digital signage software,Konka project

2017-01-04 01:15


Shenzhen,China (Nov. 10, 2016) – Konka,  one of top 5 TV manufactures in China is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Sysview, global supplier of cloud-based digital signage technology. 

Powered  by Sysview Saas digital signage software, Konka  capable upgrading existing Andriod platform to a digital signage. The Android platform including smart TV, tablet, Android player. What is more, the SaaS based Sysview software make it is very easy to setup and management the signage solution .

Konka plans to implement digital signage solution power by Sysview in venues such as shopping malls, government and airport .

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About Konka:

With the main business lines covering multi-media consumer electronics, portable communication products, home appliances, satellite set-top boxes and upstream components, KONKA has made the leading consumer electronic enterprise in China and brought spectacular entertainment experience to hundreds of millions of families all over the world with innovative and premium quality products. Learn more at:

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