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Sysview solution help Good baby education center in kindergarten attendance and info convey system

2017-01-06 02:47
Good baby education center ,Shenzhen, China ( May 16,2016) ,a chain kindergarten with more than 12 kindergartens in Shenzhen, decided to implement attendance and info convey system powered by Sysview. The system is installed in entrance  of the  kindergarten.

 The system is based on CMP-web1 digital signage solution, equipped with RFID, camera and two level content management . Based on two level content   management system, each kindergarten can edit notification region(a part of the preset region of screen ) and the headquarter can edit content advertisement region ( other part of region).

 “The solution help us lot in children attendance “, advised Mrs. Sue, one of principals of  the education center ,”And we can edit notification region, this make  communication with children’s parents become more efficient also. “

  “This solution help us  return the investment quickly by selling advertisement region “, said Mr.Lee, commercial department of the education center.

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