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The Agriculture bank of China adopted electronic billboard powered by Sysview

2017-01-06 02:48
 The Agriculture Bank of China ,Shenzhen branch (Jan 18,2016) are excited to launch CMP-web1 digital signage solution in more than 500 sub branches  in Shenzhen City, with more than 1,200 screens to improve clients satisfaction. The waiting clients may watch real time exchange rate, stock index, interest rate and bank’s promoting video when line up for service.

2018-01-24 03:24

Yangjiang Nuclear power plant

2017-11-27 09:22

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2017-10-26 03:40

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2017-09-14 03:27

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2017-08-22 09:11

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2017-07-18 09:55

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2017-06-05 01:58

Sysview touching kiosk solution implemented in Peikin

2017-04-05 02:00

Systech won the2016 Shenzhen commercial display association ..

2017-02-28 09:35

The steak house, a steak chain restaurant with more than 20..

2017-01-06 02:48

The Agriculture Bank of China ,Shenzhen branch (Jan 18,2016)..