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Sysview digital signage solution ,support Xi Jia De , a dumpling chain restaurant which more than...

2020-10-21 03:27

Sysview digital signage solution, was implemented in Xi Jia De, a dumpling chain #restaurant which more than 50 shops in Shenzhen City to make market campaign and build brand loyalty . In this case, 3 screens were installed in each shop, with dual-side one was hanged close to window near to lobby , the one was hanged on wall which faces to front door. Rich contents were displayed and refreshed regularly to strengthen clients knowledge on Xi Jia De, including food origin, cooking procedure, methods the restaurant taken to ensure safety and healthy during #COVID-19 period , barcode to follow the restaurant ,discount for members etc. The vivid info conveyed by Sysview digital signage solution enhanced the Xi Jia De brand influence and increased customers’ engagement and revenue greatly. Want to increase customers’ engagement and cement brand influence? Try Sysview solution now : .

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