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How to make digital menu boards free

2021-09-18 02:02

Customers become confused by your choices and do not purchase what you want, which is an issue that people in the food and retail sectors face. The problem is not with the food you are providing. It is because they are unaware of what you are providing.

That is why you will require an easy-to-create and-edit digital menu board. Digital menu boards and signage solutions increase income while also improving customer satisfaction. It is the most efficient method to inform consumers about your goods, services, and pricing at the point of sale. Most digital menu boards, however, are clumsy, costly, and difficult to operate. That is why we have put together this step-by-step tutorial on making and modifying digital menu boards: You can create a menu board if you can make a slideshow. That is all there is to it. This tutorial will teach you how to use a familiar program like Microsoft PowerPoint to create digital menu boards and how to quickly convert slides into menu signs that gets people to pay attention and act. 

What is a Digital Menu Board, and how does it work?

Menus shown on computer displays or television screens are known as digital menu boards. Coffee shops and eateries often utilize them. They contain menu item images and pricing. It is simple to update, and it may be linked to databases to automatically update all of the locations in a matter of minutes. In this post, we will go through how to make a menu board like the one below, including how to add images, prices, and videos, as well as how to link to a central database.

What digital menu board can benefit businesses?

Digital menu board helps companies attract more customers by presenting all of the necessary information in a visually stunning manner. The sliding textures, as well as the high-definition animated visuals, draw you in. This method is not just restricted to a few companies, but it can be used by every company on the planet. Let us have a look at what it has to offer.

Displays that is appealing to the eye

Digital menu board is the most effective method to raise awareness and convey your message to your target audience. You may make your material graphical or text-only in whatever manner you desire. To increase sales and income, you may utilize attention-grabbing digital themes to display your goods.

Another wonderful advantage of digital menu board is that you can simply change it to suit your requirements at any moment. As a result, this technology may be utilized in any setting. You have complete freedom to choose your own material and visuals to match your goods or services, and to modify them as required. If you want to advertise a holiday sale or other similar promotional deals for a limited period, this is an excellent tool to use. If sales of any of your goods have dropped, you may use digital signage to advertise them successfully.


For company owners, digital signage produces greater revenues. Multiple companies will come out to them once the entire system is implemented to generate brand awareness utilizing their installed facility. This provides them with a new income source.

Furthermore, digital signage lowers the cost of conventional advertising by reducing the amount of money spent on printing and delivery.

Increase your visibility

When correctly targeted, displaying to-the-point and succinct promotional messaging through digital signage not only improves your customers' in-store presence, but also strengthens your digital customers' community. This is how you can make your prospective customers more visible.

How to build a digital menu board freely step by step

Here’s how you can quickly and easily set up a digital menu board using any kind of smart screen and Sysview .

Step 1. Set up your Sysview account

To create a digital menu board using digital signage, you’ll need some digital signage softwares – like Sysview digital signage software. And as you’re here, you might as well sign up for the 90-day free trial.

While you can experiment with Sysview system without a screen, when it comes to implementing a digital menu board, you will need one.

While you can make comparison on  various hardware types here, the fastest and easiest method is:

a) An Android TV + the Sysview app

If you already have a smart Android TV, you can use the Sysview Android Player app which you can download from the Google Play Store. That’s it! All of the hardware you need and you’re ready to go.

b) A standard (non-smart) TV screen + cheap media device + the Sysview app

If you don’t have a smart Android TV, then you can use any screen you have (even non-smart ones), adding a $40 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K or a Chromecast with Google TV stick to build the screen smart. Once installed, you can download the Sysview app from the Google Play Store .

This means that you can make use of a screen you already have, or choose to buy a new one.

Step2. Match your Android TV Box with Sysview

After apply for your account, downloaded Sysview APK and install, run the app on your Android set top box and record hardware key which appears on screen. This is what you'll  use  to match your Android device and your Sysview account.

You'll just need to do this once per display and also you can include as several TV screens as you such as to your one account.

As soon as you have your hardware key you're ready to go to on your laptop computer or computer.

Once you login in, navigate to the "Screens" area. This is where you'll find the hardware key of your screen (and Android TELEVISION Box) to the account where you'll click register button to register the screen/box to your account and start manage your web content.

When this has been gone into that's it! You are synced up and also can make use of your Android box to manage your screens' presentation swiftly and conveniently.

Step 3. Choose what messages to share

Digital signage is only as effective as the presentation you display on it. So making it easy to setup and share this content is essential.

It is very easy to upload your own graphic as a PDF, PNG ,MP4 or JPEG. You can add any of those contents using the  file uploader. Living stream ,RSS news ,weather report ,text and PowerPoint can be assigned to digital menu board also.

Step4. Organize and schedule

After the messages are delivered, you may schedule which messages should be displayed on which digital menu board at when. For example, breakfast discount may be shown at 6AM~9AM and special offer for dinner may be displayed at 5PM~8PM.

Sysview offers a easy-to-use method to schedule the playlist on digital menu board. The users can schedule the playlists when they share message and monitor all schedules from one desktops.

To get started with your own digital signage solution give our free trial a go today, you could have your new digital menu board board set up in minutes!

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