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Ready to get under way with learning about how to use Sysview? In this section you will find articles covering everything that both a beginner and advanced user would need to know to get the most out of their Sysview experience. From uploading to publishing content, we take you through the entire process and will help you every step of the way.

Guides for New Starters                Media (Asset and Media)

· ★ Welcome to using Sysview                                             · What media file types are supported in Sysview?  

· Hardware configuration request                                          · How do I begin to upload media files?

· Browser request                                                                 · How to add a RSS Feed to your Network?

· Minimum password requirement                                         · How to add a webpage to your Network?

· Apply for free trial account                                                 · How to add live TV&cable feeds to your network?

· How to get support from Sysview?                                    · How to add TV stream to your network?


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Schedule your layout                    Publish (Publish and Deploy)

· How to set your Layout Properties?                                  · How do I preview content that I have published?

· How to add Content Zones to your Layout Design?          · How can I publish the layouts to multi screens?

· How to save your Layout?                                                 · can I audit the content designed by content manager?

· How to use a Custom Font within the Layout Designer?· Where can I find the Publishing options on my network?

· How to arrange Zones within your Layout?                       · How to set landscape/protrait display?

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Widgets (Clocks, RSS, Weather)    Sysview solution on my server

· Widgets - Clocks                                                                · What is my hardware and software server hosting request?

· Widgets - RSS                                                                    · What is benefits of host Sysview software on my server?

· Widgets - Weather

· Widgets - QR code

Managing your Network                Troubleshot

· How do I add Branding to my Network?                            · Account security issues

· What do the different licence colours mean?                     · How to clean the software's memory

· How do I view a summary for each individual licence?       · The difference between paid account and free account

· How to deactivate Licences?                                             · Send 20 programs to the terminal how to manage

· Who can manage subaccount?                                        · Schedule of the schedule

· How to create subaccount?                                              · How to upgrade sysview APK

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How To use various functions of digital signage software