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Digital Signage That Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals

Digital signage is the digital display system that shows advertisements or messages for the targeted audience. It is a modern age signage that is easier in changing content and far better than static posters, as it uses videos, live feed, and animated content. Digital Signage uses digital signage software also called content management software (CMS). Now, many businesses are using digital signage to grow their revenue, reduce advertizing cost and reinforce their brand. Android based digital signage software is very popular and many retail businesses are using it. It can easily work on android TV or Tablets. 

Android Digital Signage Software for Android TV or Tablet

At sysview, we offer high-quality android based digital signage software.

How Does it Work?

- Using any Android-based device like TV or Tablet
- Choose your own hardware player and screen
- Place your screen strategically in your business
- Use our Digital Signage Software Studio to create “playlists of content” using videos, images, social streams, reviews etc.
- Immediately start broadcasting from any location in real-time by simply copying our player key into your Android device

Low cost – It is very affordable
Content Scheduling - Save time and manpower!
Easy To Use - Web-based interface and design online
Diverse Hardware Options - Android Tablet and smartphone are your players!

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