Smart Signage Displays powered by sysview

What is Smart Signage?

The digital signage industry has evolved from Windows PC to non-PC playback devices over recent years, driving down costs whilst increasing functionality and reliability.

sysview are pioneers in the move towards non-PC technology for use in digital signage applications. We are now at the point that expensive and unreliable PCs have been eliminated and replaced with a single chip inside the display.

Easy to install

With no PC to worry about, all you need to do is connect the Smart Display to the Internet, enter the sysview activation code and you are ready to go.

Energy efficient

With the latest LED Display technology and no PC to power, a Smart Signage Display connected to sysview uses up to 50% less power consumption compared to other digital signage solutions.

Cheaper to install, maintain and run

Remove a PC and remove the purchase cost, complexity of installation and ongoing maintenance costs. This results in an overall cost of ownership that is 25% cheaper than any other digital signage solution.

Multizone, live TV, screen control, monitoring and reporting

Whilst we have eliminated the need for a PC, we have ensured you have all the features and benefits you demand of an enterprise grade digital signage solution. Features include; multi-zone layouts, live TV (IPTV and HDMI-in) and full on/off control and remote diagnostics of the Smart Signage Displays.

Smart Signage Displays supported by sysview